Aims and Objectives of

Mahakavi Moyinkutty Vaidyar Mappilakala Academy

The following is a brief description of the aims and objectives of Mahakavi Moyinkutty Vaidyar Mappilakala Academy.

  1. To promote traditional Mappila culture and arts.
  2. To setup a Museum depicting the unique features of Malabar culture and social life.
  3. To establish an Art Gallery showcasing various aspects of Mappila culture, arts and literature.
  4. To publish books and periodicals relating to Mappila literatue and arts.
  5. To publish a vartha patrika to inform the public of various activities of the Academy.
  6. To conduct timely seminars, workshops on Mappila folk arts.
  7. To institute stipends for student-learners of Mappila arts.
  8. To establish centres of training in Mappila arts for students and youths.
  9. To establish a research centre with rare archival sources, Arabi-Malayalam Texts and contem porary scholarly studies on Mappila culture, leterature and arts.
  10. To establish an audio-visual library for traditional Malabar arts and songs.
  11. To institute Awards for researchers and scholars in the field of Mappilappattu.
  12. To publish lexicon on antique words and phrases commonly used in most ancient Arabi- Malayalam Texts.
  13. Propose to organise district level programmes to popularise Malabar arts in general and Mappila arts in particular all over Kerala.
  14. To promote comparative studies on other mixed languages such as Arabi-Tamil, Arabi- Kannada, Khurasoni etc.
  15. To institute felloships for promoting studies on Arabi-Malayalam leterature, Mappila history and culture, Mappila arts and folk arts.
  16. To publish studies undertaken with the financial support of the Academy.
  17. To publish classical works on Mappila history and culture.
  18. To conduct regular diploma/certificate coourses on Mappila arts.
  19. To design and institute welfare programmes for Mappila artists
  20. To organise programmes relating to the aims and objectives of the Academy with the cooperation of Central-State Academies and other similar agencies.