Mahakavi Moyinkutty Vaidyar Mappilakala Academy is organising various functions, publishing Books, Journals and Varthapatrika. It also is conducting Certificate Courses in Mappilappattu, Setup a Photo Gallery(1st Phase) and has instituted Moyinkutty Vaidyar Award for the best prformer in the field of music and poetical composition particularly relating to the promotion of Mappilappattu. Here is a brief description of the activities of the Academy for the last 15 years.

I Publication: The Academy has published the following works in Malayalam over the last 15 years
  Mappila Jeevitham(Mappila Life)  
  Mahakavi Moyinkutty Vaidyar’s Sampoorna Krithikal (2 Vols) – 2005  
  Moyinkutty Vaidyar Padanangal  
  Korambayil Ahammed Haji Smaranika  
  K.T. Mohammadinte Teranjedutha Rajanakaledited by Iqbal Kopilan  
  Badar-ul-Kubra Vyakaranamby Ali Moulavi Kodakkallu  
  Badarul Muneer Husnul Jamal,Vyakaranam by Ali Moulavi Kodakkallu  
  Kunjayin Musliyar’s Kappappattu: Oru Darsanika Vyakyanam -by Dr, P. Sakeer              Hussain  
  Kunjayin Musliyar’s Nool Madh – by Dr, P. Sakeer Hussain  
  Chakkeri Badar by Chakkeri Moyinkutty  
  Pakshippattu & Kurathippattu Vyakyanam – Prof. Abdulla Bevincha  
  Hajj Yathra by P.T. Beerankutty Maoulavi  
  M.A. Kalpetteyude Theranjedutha Mappilappattukal  
  A.A. Malayali Ezhuthum Jeevithavum.  
  Abdurahiman Qissappattu by Yogyan Hamsa Master  
  Meharinte Sampoorna Krithikal  
  Mahakavi Moyinkutty Vaidyar Sampoorna Krithikal IInd Edition, (3 Volumes)  
  Mahakavi Moyinkutty Vaidyar Padnangal, (Ed), K.M. Ahmad. IInd Edition.  
  Korambayil Ahmad Haji Smaraka Grantham. IInd Edition.  
  Samad Mannarmalayude Tiranjedutha Rajanakal.  
II Ishal Paithrkam – Tri-month Journal
  Publication of this journal began in 2007. The present committee is planning to make the jounal more academic oriented and to publish it in bilngual ie. in English and Malayalam.  
III Vacation Training Camp in Mappila Arts  

This programme was also instituted in 2007. Two to three weeks intense training is giving to 100 participants in Mappilappattu, Kolkkali, Arabana, Daffmuttu, Vattappattu, Oppana. The Camp is usually Conducted during summer vacation. Free food and accomodation is provided to the camp members.

IV Vaidyar Maholsavam  

One of the most popular and famous programmes of the Academy is Vaidyar Maholsavam. It is an annual festival of 10 days. Seminars, Symposyams and public speeches are conducted as part of the programme. Three days of Mappila Arts festival is a popular programme in connection with the mahotsavam. Mappila Artists from all parts of kerala take part in this programme. Moyinkutty Vaidyar Memorial Speech Conducted on relevent topics by eminent scholars is another attraction of the festival. It also provides an oppertunity to emerging artists and poets to perform and present their compositions or creations.

V Seminars/ Memorial Programme  

The Academy is regularly Conducting Seminars, Memorial Programme of late scholars, historians, poets etc. in various parts of the state. Seminars are Conducted in association with Kendra Sahithya Akademi and other official and non official bodies. During the last 15 Years a number of such programmes were conducted in various places.

  1. P.A. Sayed Mohammed Prog.
  2. K.K. Muhamed Abdul Kareem Memorial Prog
  3. K. Raghavan Master Day
  4. MA Kalpatta Anusmaranam
  5. A.A. Malayalee Anusmaranam at Kuttippuram-
VI Future Programme  
  1. To set up a fullfledged Heritage Museum in the museum building. An amount of 35 lakh Rupees is being alloted for this purpose by the Academy Committee of 2013. The presant Committee Submitted a project before the planning Commission to Complete the Ist phase of the Museum.
2. The Committee proposes to establish a photo Gallery of Kondotty nercha, the National festival of Malabar.
3. The Committee proposes to publish Classic Arabi Malayalam books in Malayalam with meaning and interpretation.
4. The Committee proposes to publish most soughtafter but unavailable works on Mappila history, Culture and Tradition.
5. The Committee intends to publish other relevent works based on academic research or based on unfamiliar sourcecs.
6. Proposes to introduse fellowship to promote research on Mappilappattu, Mappila Arts, Literature and history
7. Proposes to recommend to the State Govt to provide financial assistance to the aged / Sick mappila artists and writers.
8. Proposes to establish an audio-visual theatre in the name of the famous film script writer T.A. Razak.
9. Prposes to set up an Art Gallery